Sunday, 17 May 2009

Rebuilding the West Pier in Brighton

Although this project started by thinking about how architecture creates an exotic experience in modern tourism, it ends with a completely opposite position creating a walkway of peace calming one’s mind. The original idea was to rebuild the West Pier, which was burnt down, to be an ‘entrance’ for a theme park about disaster, which is portable on a container ship. However, after a few visits to Brighton, instead of a theme park, a place for spiritual health may be more suitable at this seaside resort in this modern time.
In the 19th century, people would come and visit Brighton as they believed that staying at the seaside was good for their health. With the passage of time, a wide range of entertainment was added in Brighton and the idea of having good health was forgotten. In the 21st century, the tempo of living is so fast that it threatens some people’s mental health. A place where people can calm and rest their minds may be needed. The new proposed West Pier is about peace and serenity.
By building a circular walkway around the ruined old pier, people may clear their minds by walking on it. At one entrance/exit, an herbal tea shop would provide natural refreshing drinks for visitors. At the other entrance/exit, a spa could provide massages.  A 12 meters high viewing platform at the furthest end provides a panoramic view of Brighton from the ocean. 

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