Friday, 15 May 2009

Greenpeace and Heathrow Airport

Based on a plot of land purchased by Greenpeace within the proposed Heathrow Airport Expansion area, this project explores a possible architecture of protest against the demolition of Sipson Village, a close-knit community outraged at their forced removal in preperation  for the Third runway (if realised). 

Greenpeace have purchased this plot and arranged a legal system of  purchase by beneficial owners - anyone willing can send them an email  to own a piece of the land. Currently 32,000 people have signed up, slowing the enforced land purchase as each owner will have a legal representative in the case against BA, and this project aims to reinforce this movement.

The project also aims to provide information and learning about the  alternatives to traveling abroad by plane. It offers a place to consider ‘holidaying at home’ through the teachings of The School of Life who provide a variety of ideas from philosophy to literature and psychology to the visual arts, all implemented to encourage a rethink into how we travel and to cherish the mundane and everyday

By David Bannister

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