Saturday, 18 October 2008

The trip

The suggested window for the field trip is between Sunday 16. November and Wednesday 26. November.  Ideally, it would be good to be in Rome on a Sunday (just to hear all the church bells and get the full experience!).  I'm open to suggestions as to which dates we go within this window and for how long.

Ryanair currently has daily flights from East Midlands to Rome Ciampino.  Typically a return fare is around £30 - 40, including taxes.  There may be other cheap deals offered by other airlines.  A short train or bus ride takes you from Ciampino into the centre.

Hotels are generally expensive in Rome but there are some cheap hostels.  One that seems worth checking out is The Yellow, which is a short distance from the main train station.  Daily rates are about €14 per person for a six bed dorm, or €18 for a four bed dorm.

(A euro is currently about 77p)

A lot of other hostels are listed at, but I haven't had time to check through this.  Lonely Planet also has quite comprehensive online accommodation listings for Rome.

Within the historic centre, the cheapest hotel option that I've found is about €30 per person in a four bed room, but this could save on time and late night taxis!

A subway map of Rome can be downloaded here.

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