Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Notes toward a studio

Studio: Architecture, travel and the past.


de Botton - The Art of Travel
Huysmans - Against Nature
Lowenthal - The Past is a Foreign Country
Theme park/Disneyland
Rome - current mayor
Architect as outsider
Adolf Loos
The grand tour
Piranesi/Roma Interrotta (also current 30th anniversary exhibition)
Julian Barnes - England, England (Isle of Wight as theme park)
Open University - Heritage podcasts
Cullinan/English Heritage - ongoing saga of Stonehenge

Barcelona - a city that has reinvented itself without anxiety about losing its identity or about destroying its past.

Rome as the urban laboratory par excellence

Check library for Nolli plan - site?
Interactive Nolli map - Oregon
Legionnaires outside Colosseum

Imperial Projections - Ancient Rome in Modern Popular Culture

EUR / Cinecittà

Greenaway - Belly of an Architect
Fellini's Roma
Fellini - La Dolce Vita
Neo-realist cinema - Rome: Open City, Bicycle Thieves

Gonzales - The Tourist
Fila B. - At home in space

Eamonn - Politics of the Piazza
Dan Wrightson?
Selina - Hadrian's villa as an embodiment of his travels (Yourcenar)
Jane - Venice / the virtual tourist
Dan Cruickshank - December visit?

New v. Old
Sustainability and re-use
Autonomy of form
Environmental response in trad. buildings and urban form

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