Tuesday, 11 November 2008

A competition which may interest the Studio 1 crew...

ImagineConey is an initiative of the Municipal Art Society of New York to create new ideas for the future of Coney Island to restore the area to its former position as a great entertainment and amusement area - "the world's playground".

MAS is inviting submissions for ideas for events and festivals, new amusement rides, the design of new structures and for interim activities for Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY, USA. These should convey in words or graphics your ideas for the future of Coney Island.

The submissions will be displayed on imagineconey.com and at an exhibit at the MAS that will open in January 2009. Final deadline for submissions is December 15th.

Visit http://www.imagineconey.com/ for more info!

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Russell said...

Probably the most obvious background reading for this would be Rem Koolhaas's book 'Delirious New York'!